HEAL: Helping Enhance All Lives

HEAL was founded with a mission to help provide support to injured action sports athletes after suffering major injuries through supplying donations from apparel sales. Having seen the ability to make a difference to the action sports community, HEAL is now expanding the reach of those supported.

HEAL’s roots and main focus will always be action sports but with the change to Helping Enhance All Lives, HEAL will donate a portion of profits to non-profit foundations designed to provide medical and educational assistance to the professional athletes of action sports, as well as non-profits that provided services to other needs such as environmental issues, diseases, and much more.

We all have many passions and there are many things in this world that need a little bit of extra support. HEAL’s goal is to help make a difference, big or small, to anyone or thing that we can through the use of apparel sales.

HEAL is and always will be dedicated to the memory of “Downtown” Tony Brown.




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