HEAL Update from Dan

So, as most have probably noticed, things have been a little quiet from the HEAL website, facebook page, and twitter account.  This is not because HEAL doesn’t exist anymore, but because things have just been a little distracted for the time being.

I started HEAL in late 2008 with a couple credit cards and extra cash I had.  With tons of support from friends and family, I made a lot of progress in getting the word out about the brand and how HEAL is geared towards helping out athletes in the action sports world.  During this time, I had my regular job to help balance things out and keep HEAL going.

Recently there has been a few changes that have gone on and I have taken up a new and amazing job.  With this change that helps support myself and my ventures in having HEAL be a helpful brand to the action sports community, there has been a small change of pace for how I can work on HEAL for the moment.  This is not to say I am not moving forward with HEAL, but in order for me to do that I need to make sure I have my priorities in order to keep everything running smooth.

With this said, I want to apologize for the lack of updates, conversations with fans, and the content HEAL has been down on lately.  Everyone that interacts with me through HEAL is really important to the brands growth and don’t want people to think that HEAL is going away.  If not for the fans that think what HEAL is trying to do can make a difference to the athletes of these sports, this would not be possible to continue with.

Once I get into a good flow at my new job (which is great and I am really enjoying too), I will be back at putting HEAL out there to keep Helping Extreme Athletes Live!  Sorry again for the lack of updates, but HEAL is still around and will be continuing even though there may not be a lot of noise coming from the sites.  There will be new shirts, hats and more clothing coming in the near future – that I promise.

Thanks for all the support over these first 3 years everyone!



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