One Legged BMX Rider Julian David Molina

Julián David Molina Saldarriaga BMX Andes   Antioquia   Colombia   YouTube
One legged BMX rider Julian David Molina recently had a video of him throwing some amazing tricks pop up a couple of months ago. When this video started to make it’s way around the web, HEAL rider Cristian Maya contacted me to see if we could get this kid some product to go along with a brand new Premium BMX bike that was getting sent to him through a collection of fellow riders and the help of Transworld’s Ride BMX. Cristian met part of this group of people working together to get enough funds together to get Julian a new ride to help keep him shredding on a bike and he wanted to help with the support to Julian. So, Cristian contact me and we got together a package of HEAL product to send along to Julian and was stoked to see him rocking the HEAL T’s in these new edits with his new Premium bike.

Nice work by James Lukas, Transworld, Cristian Maya and everyone else involved with getting Julian hooked up with all this stuff. He is a prime example of overcoming obstacles and never giving up. This kids got heart. Look forward to seeing more footage of this kid killing it with one leg on a BMX bike.

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