Stimilon Motocross Challenge – 2013

Stimilon Motocross Challenge 2013 Invite from DB Studios on Vimeo.

It’s that time of year again. When everyone in the Northeast starts to get that itch and is just waiting for the nice weather to break so they can start riding again. It’s the middle of the winter when the only option is to head south to try to get some decent riding in. I think what keeps most people sane is the fact that they know the Stimilon Motocross Challenge is just a few months away.

But, this isn’t a race for the masses. Throw out all your hopes of qualifying for Loretta’s and your not going to become some local hero cause you can kill it in the sand. No – this is where all the standard rules get tossed out and chaos takes over. It’s all about what the sport should be about – FUN!  Getting together with buddies, riding at the famous sand track of Southwick, and having a ripping party to top it all off.  Stimilon is the race where your series points don’t matter and where they bring the fun back into the sport of Motocross.

Going down May 24-26 2013 in Southwick, MA, this weekend event is something to make sure you don’t miss. Head over to the Stimilon Motocross Challenge website for more details and to sign up for the event.  Make sure you hit play on the video above – it’s the yearly promo video that won’t disappoint done by DB Studios.

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