Thrasher Magazine and the Power of Twitter

An interesting thing happened over the weekend to a friend of ours here at HEAL.  Stephane Daury from Canada had been aware of an event going near his home, the ZooYork AM Getting Paid contest, and offered to Thrasher Magazine that he would gladly buy whoever they had up there covering the contest a beer.  Problem was, there wasn’t anyone covering the event.  So guess who they asked?  They gave Stephane the chance to cover the event if he was up for it and he took the opportunity.

Go to this website to read in Stephane’s words what his experience was like and if you want to follow him on twitter he has tons of great info on action sports.  Nice job Stephane!  I hope someone else got you a beer instead for landing the opportunity of a life time and doing a great job at it too!!



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