Zachary Roderick’s Road Back Fundraiser

Zach's Road Back

On November 12, 2014, Zachary Roderick was in a car accident which left him paralyzed from the chest down.  Doug Henry recently took some time to go visit Zach, and when someone like Zach is able to leave Doug with inspiration and confidence in what we are all capable of overcoming, you know he has to be a strong and special person.

Outside of being a person who is able to take this challenge in life and pursue it to its fullest, doesn’t mean it comes without its immense setbacks not only mentally, but financially as well.  To help with what will be a financial hurdle to attack, Zach’s family is holding a Gala Auction this coming weekend on March 28th in their hometown of Portland, ME.   We at HEAL have sent a package of product up for auction and know Doug has also got some other sponsors onboard to provide items to Zach and his family to auction off.  If you can provide products to be raffled or can spare a few extra dollars to donate to Zach’s Road Back, please see the links below for how you can support.

To hear more about Doug’s visit with Zach and background on the story check out last week’s Holeshot Radio Show.

Zach’s Go Fund Me Page 

Zach’s Road Back Facebook Page 

Zach’s Road Back Donation Form

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